Monday, April 30, 2012

Customized car interior

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Like all people your wondering how much or how little you should customize the interior of your ride. Some people start with tinted windows so that you cant see the stock interior in its plain old state. most people have their interior done profesionaly and pay out of the REAR!!

Cadillac Escalade Luxury Tuning (2008)

Cadillac Escalade Luxury Tuning (2008)

Beautiful car interiors in the luxury class. Cadillac rebuilt in accordance with the wishes of the owner. Passenger compartment represents a comfortable and cozy cabin. Multimedia partition with the installed audio and video system, including a huge plasma screen. The video screen is closed shutters. Comfortable seating, so the imagination that you want to stay here forever! Seats are equipped with many settings. Materials finish, it is beige and brown Alcantara leather. Ceiling processed light alcantara.

How to paint your interior your self cheap and easy


This video is shown to only give you an idea!

5.8 Inch Double Din Dvd Av Receiver Ipod Iphone Control Avhp2300dvd Media Playback Practical

                   This is something that most people upgrade to when they first start out it dont have to be a dvd player it could just be a simple CD player. When i started out i bought a nice 7in double din DVD player and some subs with a 1400 watt amp. i also went ahead and painted some parts underneath of the hood in the engine bay and the front and back bumpers along with the kick panels inside. i had leather interior and it was stinking ugly grey so i bought some vinyl and fabric paint in flat black and painted all the seat's, headliner and carpet even the door panel's.

                   I Recently bought a 2002 Chevy coupe all black with large metal flake and some bigger rims/tires , cold air intake , header and plugs and wires
                                                           This Video Belongs to Myself

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