Monday, April 16, 2012

3M Vinyl Wrapping

3M vinyl wraps are becoming more and more popular because of the demand of having durable paint and having a flashy car all at the same time. 3M vinyl wrapping is less than the amount it is to have your vehicle Custom painted by a professional. 3M vinyl wrap is very durable because it can take weathering and high heat along with sun fading better than regular paint can withstand. One of the benefits’ to using 3M’s vinyl wrap is that if you ever decide to sell your car to a dealer and they don’t like your custom paint job it will peal right off. It’s the same concept of changing an outfit but for your car pretty cool I would say.

Why 3M Vinyl Wrap is a Good Choice

2Mil High Performance Opaque Vinyl FilmThese swatches are a video image approximation of the actual color chart. The color can vary depending
on the video card and monitor they are viewed with. For an exact color match, please request and actual
color sample.
Black White Antique White Eggshell Oyster

Palm Oyster Pearl Gray Medium Gray Traffic Gray Dark Gray

Nimbus Gray Duranodic Deep Mahogany Russet Brown Saddle Brown

Sandstone Tan Beige Fawn Primrose Yellow

Bright Yellow Sunflower Chrome Yellow Imitation Gold Apricot

Coral Dark Coral Light Orange Bright Orange Intense Orange

Terra Cotta Salmon Pink Mauve Magenta Process Magenta

Warm Red Matte Red Perfect Match Red Atomic Red Tomato Red

Geranium Cardinal Red Cranberry Burgundy Dark Burgundy

Dark Violet Dark Magenta Raspberry Violet Pale Lavender

Royal Purple Purple Royal Blue Navy Light Navy

Dark Blue Shadow Blue Wedgewood Blue Sapphire Blue Vivid Blue

Matte Blue Intense Blue Periwinkle Olympic Blue Sky Blue

Peacock Blue Robin Egg Blue Powder Blue Aqua Dark Aqua

Blue Bird Teal Celestial Blue Bermuda Blue Apple Green

Jade Green Kelly Green Bright Green Cactus Green Dark Green

Check these Out on an official 3M site Below will be a link to One

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