Thursday, April 19, 2012

Custom Paint on Wheels 

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Custom rims are big in the large city's because people love to show off their rides. Your ride is the 1st best thing in your life other than your Girlfriend "Ha-ha". Factory rims look nice but its original and dull when your driving around town in your custom ride and you pull up beside a car that is the same as yours but only your car is custom. The funny thing is they were only looking at your custom paint for like 10 seconds until they realized your broke as hell now because you spent all of your money on custom paint and now your to poor to get a sexy set of rims to go along with your sexy custom paint.

In the photo's below i will show you what i mean
All Photos seen in this post are found at the site below the Photos 
All stock

Completely Custom

in this video it will show you how and what products you need to custom paint your own wheels 

Okay so now that you have taken a look at Both vehicles each of the same type. Think to your self which one you would rather have ?  I know the one id like to have and its quite obvious isn't it.
  Custom paint can and does go as far as the imagination will allow you to go ever hear someone say that certain things aren't possible well don't listen because anything can be done with a touch of imagination and determination 2 of the most key things you need when your in to the customizing faze of your life even if you have to do it your self it can still be done and can still look as professional as the marketed product that you see in magazines.

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