Monday, May 7, 2012

Tinting The Taillight's

The Legal Way

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Tinting your taillight's is a very easy and probably the least costly thing you can do to make your ride look custom. But custom is not always a good thing you could be pulled over for illegal modifications onyour ride if your not careful. most state have laws that need to be followed so you don't get pulled over.


 Purchasing a second set of lights is a much more convenient way of getting tinted tails on your ride. The advantages include absolutely zero downtime for your car since you can continue to use your stock lights until your new tinted tails arrive in the mail.

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Another advantage is that you will have the ability to switch back and forth between tinted tails and your stock lights.  More and more of today's cars come with fender mounted side markers. Tinting them will blend them with the tail lights to give the car a more uniform and complete look. Tinted side markers are done in the same way as all of our other work.         

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