Monday, April 9, 2012

 Painting With Enamle

Photo above found at this site

 Custom Paint has been around for many years and will always be. Custom paint is an art that someone has put in emotion and hard work into. People that take the time to come up this bright new ideas have a very creative side. Some people call it paint some people call it crap and some people call it art.
Custom paint is not for everyone.

In the video below it will give you an Idea of the steps it takes to complete custom paint.

The time that it takes is all depending on the types of paint that is being used on your project. The style of art used can also vary in time because not all art takes the same time to create and if it is messed up in anyway no worries because art is art no matter if it is ugly or beautiful.

I take auto body at my local trade school custom paint is one of the last things I learned not because it was the hardest but because it was the most time consuming. Mixing and spraying paint is the easy part spraying it in to a pattern and getting the measurements is the hardest. The best part about paint is that it’s always beautiful to look at urethane base enamel paint is fantastic with depth perception. BMW uses single stage urethane enamel base paint. If you have a good coat of Polymer and or Carnauba wax on it and have good wash/towel routine, single stage paint uldn't require polishing more than once a year.sho

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